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Jake Moore








Where are you from and where are you living now?
 Born in Burnsville, lived there for 5 years. Moved to Indiana for 10 years. Moved back to MN with my family. Currently living with friends in St. Paul.

How old are you?

Goofy or regular?

When did you start riding?
 I think I was 10

Where do you ride?
 Hyland and Troll are my favorites, but I'll snowboard anywhere. 

Who are you normally seen with on the hill?
 Stoners, scholars, hard-workers, and bums.

What was your first board?
 My grandma got me one of those plastic Riva boards for Christmas. I rode it down the hill at our family farm in Indiana every day.

Current setup?
 Rome everything

What gets you hyped to head out into the cold and get rad?
 Dry boots. Sunshine helps too.

3 favorite tricks?
 Toe-side turns, back lips, ollies.

Top 5 favorite boards
 Anything regular camber.

Who’s your favorite rider?
 Too many to name.

What do you do in the summer?
 Skate, hang with friends, road trip.

Best way to wind down after a sesh?
 Food, beer, sleep.

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