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Curan Henning


Name: Curan Henning
Age: 30
Home town: Saint Paul Mn or Marten Falls Ontario Canada
Stance: Regular
Set up: 8.5 board 8.5 Indy trucks 52 mm wheels bones Swiss bearings
How long have you been skateboarding ? Since 1999
Favorite spot? Smooth parking lot
Do you roll with a crew or solo? Chase and solo
Favorite trick: switch heelflips
Sponsors: Zombie Boardshop
Shout outs: Shawn and Ashley, Zombie, Bryan, Ian, chase, Hondi, Bill Guzik, Nandez, Kiara, Maci my daughter, Dan Jackson, Chad benson, Nate Compher, Steve Nesser and Familia, Dane Vaughn, Brian Vaughn, Cj Tambornino, Adam Reich, Ellie Augustine, Todd Brown, Elijah collard, Mike Ohman, and Sexy quality clothing companyall my Canadian friends, G shock, TCSC, Swash Industries, River Rats, ufos and tight pants ❗️


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