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Brain Dead Heart Attack


This film is the result of ten years of progression through creativity and features a slough of legit snowboarders that you're going to want to see. View with caution, it's been known to induce heart attacks. Okay, that's not true, but try to hold back if you view this right before snowboarding, it might have you a little too pumped up and give you the false impression that you can totally boardslide a massive rail that you have no business even approaching.


Brandon Hammid, Jaeger Bailey, Ted Borland, Brandon Reis, Sammy Luebke, Nick Visconti, Curtis Woodman, Sean Genovese, Jesse Burtner, Chris Beresford, Sean Black, Nial Romanek, Desiree Melancon, Kyle Lopiccolo, Brendon Hupp, Sam Hulbert and Mitch Richmond

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