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Trujillo In Bloom

Posted November 25, 2013 @ 9:09am | by

Over the past few years it seems like Transworld videos have been released so quickly that by the time the next one comes out you've already forgotten about the last one.  I guess with the internet and the pace at which video coverage is released lately it's hard to make a video with the same feel and caliber of Feedback, The Reason, In Bloom, Sight Unseen, etc.  When I was growing up Trujillo's (That's True-He-Yo, kids, not True-Jill-Oh) part from In Bloom was my main form of inspiration.  For about 2 years I watched this part at least once a day.  While cruising Youtube I stumbled upon the same video part, but with commentary by TNT himself.  Not as good without the Motley Crue but still gets me hyped.  Enjoy one of my favorite Transworld video parts.

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