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DC Chris Cole shoe

Posted June 27, 2011 @ 2:09pm | by Shawn

DC Chris Cole shoe

Chris Cole's first pro model shoe from DC came in today!  It has DC's performance cupsole, which means it skates like a vulcanized shoe, but has the protection of a cup sole shoe.  It has those tongue centering straps on the inside to keep the tongue from slipping around while you skate, not to mention the tongue has a wolf on it!  The one piece suede toe is probably the best feature of this shoe.  No stiches to rip, no double panels to tear off, and it's made from super cows!  NO Joke!  At DC they feed cows a special feed to make them up to 10 times larger!  I'm not sure of the size altering, but it makes their skin REALLY durable.  They call it "Super Suede"  The main benefit is that you maintain the feel of regular suede, without busting through a toe in a matter of days.  I stole that last part straight from the DC catalog!  BOOYAH!!   

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