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Brandon Lepasti



Where are you from and where are you living now?
 I was born in Savannah Georgia and I am now living in the Twin Cities.

How old are you?
23 years old.

Goofy or Regular?

When did you start riding?
 I learned how to snowboard in my friend's backyard when I was 12 years old.

 Zombie Boardshop

Where do you ride?
 I ride mainly Buck, Troll, and Hyland. Tow ropes baby!

Who are you normally seen with on the hill?
 I ride with whoever is on the hill at the time.

What was your first board?
 My first board was a Static (whatever that is?) with Ride click-ins and Ride boots. My board had flaming dice on it!

Current setup?
 Currently, I ride an Arbor Westmark 151 with Switchback bindings and Thirtytwo Lashed boots - Bradshaw style.

What gets you hyped to head out into the cold and get rad?
 When on the hill, I feed off of my friends and other talented riders. My music helps a lot too. When off of the hill, I watch edits on and Times when I am feeling burnt out from work or school always gets me pumped to go ride as well!

Top 5 favorite boards?
 I don't have a list of top 5 favorite boards. I probably have only tried about 9 or 10 boards in my years of snowboarding anyway.

Top 3 favorite tricks?
 Handplant, Front 3, and Backside Blunt 270 out.

Who’s your favorite rider?
 Midwest Locals (in no particular order): Cody Beiersdorf, Danimals, Justin Fronius, Austin Young, and Jonas Michilot.
Non Locals (in no particular order): Chris Bradshaw, Keegan Valaika, Louif Paradis, Jonah Owen, and Jake Blauvelt.

What do you do in the summer?
 I keep busy with my photography for the most part. I also enjoy a good mini pipe session. Biking is fun. Most of all, I love spending time with my fiance (getting married June 16, 2013) - attempting to play tennis and volley ball, swimming at the lake, and exploring the great outdoors.

Best way to wind down after a sesh?
 Cuddling with my lady! Get those sweaty boots off ASAP.

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